Your code is your business.

Security holes can result in loss of compliance (PCI, GDPR), exposure of trade secrets, and loss of customer trust.

A security breach can kill a company.

We help you identify security holes before they impact your business. And we show you how to fix them.

Secure Sherpa code

We come to you.

So your code never leaves your network. We scan your code, analyze the results, show your developers how to fix the issues, and train them to write secure code for next release.

About Us

We are technical project managers, programmers and security audit consultants, specializing in enterprise vulnerability management and remediation.

What's Our Product

  • Scan on demand;
  • Training to turn that scan into a secure code;
  • Advice on business processes for cloud security.

Why Us?

We provide on-demand service with no contract. We are not just a scan, but a focus on fixing!